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Recover lost opportunities

You know that you have a leaky pipe, but you're not 100% certain where those leaks are. Use Freespee Platform to recover lost opportunities and help your sales team close more deals.
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What do you want to do | Recover lost opportunities

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Busy sales teams

You want your sales teams to be busy selling. Not sitting around waiting for calls. But you also need them to answer the phone when it's a hot lead.

What do you want to do | Recover lost opportunities

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Lost opportunities

34% of calls from paid marketing campaigns are missed. Your marketing has worked, you successfully convinced a prospect to call you. But when they tried, they did not speak to your sales team.

If you are lucky they might try calling you again, but most likely they will go to your competitor. You should quickly call them back.
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Recover Lost Opportunities with Freespee

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Before the prospect calls your competitor, automatically reach out to them. Ensure everyone is contacted by a member of your team.​



Make it as easy as possible for prospects to communicate with your brand. Let them pick a convenient time to receive your call. ​



Give your busy sales teams the 'hot' missed opportunities. Show what the prospect was calling about so managers can choose who should call them.

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