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Improved Lead-To-Sale Ratio
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Recovered revenue per month
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Increased Revenue from Sales Per Month

Get the right enquiries, convert more and follow-up on missed business opportunities

Increase sales

Give consumers the most direct route to talk to your sales teams and connect your experts with engaged customers. Using browsing data to indicate intent to purchase, you can then route calls directly to sales teams to speed up the path to purchase.

The Freespee platform also includes sales-boosting features to improve the lead-to-sale ratio – why not send abandonment recovery SMS notifications if your team misses a call to give every opportunity to re-engage and recover missed sales.

Better lead management

Freespee is ideal for mobile and dispersed channels where leads need to be assigned in real-time and consumer journeys need to be personalised to improve their experience. 

You are also able to improve your team’s lead management by automating the process for them! With the Freespee Salesforce integration calls are added as events automatically, removing the space for human error.

Understand & segment your audience

Segmentation is used to identify which visitors are a priority (such as those from PPC or a particular product page) and workflows can be used to route their calls to sales members specifically trained for that task.

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Track inbound & outbound calls

Ensure that you never miss another sales opportunity by tracking all calls from your website or app. Inbound calls can be tracked to ensure that sales teams are answering and following up on every enquiry.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate the Freespee platform with your Salesforce account or CRM system to automatically feed valuable call data into your contact records. Inbound calls will then appear as an event in your contact records without any manual input.

Notifications & follow-ups

Notify sales teams that enquiries have been received with email notification in real time during calls, with browsing information including the product the customer is inquiring about and their browsing history. Prospects and customers can be re-engaged post-abandonment with SMS, asking them to reschedule a call at a time that suits them. This is particularly useful when you segment mobile visitors who choose to call, as they tend to abandon much faster than those using a desktop to search. You can also use the Freespee platform to collect feedback after the call has taken place. Send an SMS to the caller directing them to a landing page where they can rate their experience and feed this data back into your NPS scoring solution.

We integrate with over 50 of the world’s best technology platforms

Remove data siloes by feeding call conversion data into your third-party tools. By integrating Freespee with your marketing stack you can reduce the cost of customer acquisition and increase the chance of conversion.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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