Personalised Messaging

No follow up post-call

You probably already send cart abandonment notifications and feedback emails after successful bookings, but there's radio silence for customers post-call. Is this because you want to, or because your technology stack doesn't allow you to?

Solve this with Freespee

Set-up predefined workflows that send automated, tailored messaging to reinforce your brand’s commitment to delivering excellent experiences.

  • Choose the best channel for each communication – in-app, in browser, SMS or email.
  • Include Calls-To-Action in messaging, offering the option to request a callback or sign up to your newsletter, to recover missed sales opportunities.
  • Using the Freespee API, trigger SMS to manage booking notification, set-up booking reminders and more.
  • Automate the collection of customer feedback after each conversation has ended.


Who is Personalised Messaging for?

Customer Service

Who is the customer?

Retail network
Contact center