Communication Intelligence Software, connected to your digital cloud

Collect live communication data with one piece of code, trigger activities in all your tools for analytics, marketing and sales

Works with

Making every interaction visible


Of your online customers want to talk to you during the buying process


Better visibility into your online customer interactions by collecting and transforming live communication threads into actionable data


The incremental sales an average Freespee user experiences by activating conversational data in their existing marketing tools.

Power all your tools with complete customer data.

Install tracking only once

Our sophisticated tracking code works with most of your existing tools. Missing any of your favourite tools? Don't worry – let us know, and we will make sure it's added to our list of supported 3rd party Apps.

Put your customer data to work

Power any of your existing tools with complete customer data. Customer Acquisition, Analytics, Heat-mapping, A/B Testing, Marketing Automation, CRM - you name it, we've got it. Use the Freespee hub, to collect, transform and activate the data in the Apps you use everyday!

We've made it simple for you

Drop our tracking code on your web/app, and start activating your customer data in the tools you use everyday for marketing and CRM, with 1 simple click. We manage our entire infrastructure, to give you full control over every component, and security policy at all levels.

Powerful enough for large brands. Easy enough for a startup.

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