Fast track deals through your sales funnel

Freespee is the sales acceleration platform that helps global enterprises convert phone calls into revenue.

Trusted by the biggest enterprise brands globally

Freespee Platform

Truly understand your business and its customers

Freespee Platform will help you identify and understand previously unknown revenue leakage points in your conversion funnel, alongside what makes your customers convert.
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Accelerate sales through the funnel

Freespee Sales Acceleration Suite offers a set of tools that improve conversion by fixing revenue leakage points across the funnel.

We let our customers tell their own stories

“After implementing Freespee we have gained deeper insights in our digital customer journey and a much better understanding of which part of our digital budget actually drives leads. Those insights have brought us to the next level in terms of digital

“Thanks to Freespee we are able to think beyond what we thought was possible. They have helped us with segmenting and routing callers along their omnichannel journey and help to build strategies that go beyond what we used to do."

“Freespee Talk takes care of the entire customer conversation process, giving us rich data on their browsing and intent, so the only thing left for the agents to do is speak to our customers.”

"Freespee has enabled us to double our conversion and to completely rethink our customer journey following the rate of calls according to their digital footprint"

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Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents

Freespee powers millions of conversations and has become an integral tool for companies worldwide to better understand both their data and consumer’s journey.