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For teams who want to ensure they never miss another opportunity from web visitors or app users.
A visitor arrives at your website or app.
The visitor clicks on the Freespee Phone CTA in your web or app.

Create dynamic visitor lists to target callers based on their digital context.

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Route calls directly to internal teams based on segment criteria, removing the IVR.

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Answer calls within our desktop app, your third party contact center or telephony solution.

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After the call, send personalised SMS and email messaging to customers and internal teams.

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Monitor visitor conversation data and feed it into your sales and marketing stack.

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Freespee helps protect your brand experience by improving the way you manage customer relationships.
use cases

Communication management
Embed customisable, trackable dynamic phone CTAs to give visibility and control over all conversations. Learn more →
Customer recognition
Identify every visitor and personalise their call journey based on contextual data. Learn more →
Contextual Routing
Segment and route callers based on their digital context, such as geolocation, device, cart content and pages visited. Learn more →
Call Tracking and Analytics
Analyse the revenue impact of conversations with visitors and app users. Learn more →
Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to your teams

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Increase revenue by improving lead management.
Reduce churn by protecting brand experience.

Phone CTA

Capture every interaction between customers and your teams.

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Build dynamic caller lists to use in workflows and analytics.

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Automate messaging and caller journeys for frictionless customer communication.

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Access real-time personal dashboards and granular reports for data-driven optimisation.

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Effortlessly integrate Freespee data into your everyday tools for a single customer view.

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Platform API

Embed phone and messaging solutions within your native applications.

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Widget API

Integrate Freespee data within your native dashboards using our graphical toolkit.

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Cloud-based contact centre solution, powered by your caller’s contextual data.

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What our customers say

We use Freespee to connect buyers with sellers on Ebay web & apps.

"When we were looking for a communication platform to connect our millions of users with our 40,000 car dealers, Freespee was the only solution that proved they could scale with our volumes."

Carsten Eckmiller
Head of New Business Product, - a part of eBay

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